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Glazing Bars & Jack Rafter

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Glazing Bars

All glazing bars will arrive with the bottom cap in place. Before assembly can commence it is essential that the necessary bolts are inserted into bolt slot. To do this slide the cap away from the bar and put the bolt into the pre-drilled hole of the bottom of the cap. Then slide the bolt head into the bolt slot in the glazing bar with the bottom cap. Do this at each end of the bar for each bolt required.
There are 4 different length bolts to be used as follows.
Bar to Ridge XM830 M8 x 30mm
Bar to Eaves Beam XM825 M8 x 25mm
Bar to Radius End XM840 M8 x 40mm
Bar to Valley XM815 M8 x 15mm

Jack Rafter

1. Before jack rafters can be fitted, the hip bars need to be installed and the bolts tightened both top and bottom.
2. Both the hip bar and the jack rafter have already been fitted with the connection kit ready for you to simply join together.
3. Offer the jack up to position slotting the locating lug over the hip bar. See Diagram 2 opposite.
4. Pull back the spring connected to the hip bar and hook over the locating tab on the jack rafter.
5. The jack rafter top cap has been pre-cut to correct the angle. Gently knock the cap into place and silicone seal the joint between the jack rafter top cap and the hip cap. See Diagram 3a and 3b opposite.


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