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"The conservatory is great! and we are looking forward to our first summer in it. Thanks again."
- Cliff & family.

"Thanks for your email.
I have now completed installation of your product and am extremely pleased with the finished results.
The product represents excellent value and will certainly add value to my property when I come to sell."

Yours faithfully
Brian Rackley

I placed an order last month. As promised you phoned before arrival and I am very pleased with the product.
May I also say that the instructions are superb..... I particularly like the way each piece to attach is individually and sectionally packed so that you know what goes where at what stage. Priceless when it's your first time fixing one in!"

Antony Owen
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Frequently Asked Questions

Q - How can you sell conservatories at such low prices?
A - The answer is simple we sell affordable full featured conservatories directly over the internet, no salesmen, agents or any other middlemen, no costly advertising campaign, no brochures, we sell in bulk

Q - What can my Easyframe conservatory be used for?
A - Apart from a place for you and your family to relax you could use your Easyframe Conservatory as a study, a utility room, a playroom (toughened safety glass throughout), a dining room, the only limitations are your imagination

Q - Do you send out brochures?
A - We no longer print our brochure, we have put all the info online instead and the cost saving is reflected in our conservatory prices. Online you will find pictures, floor plans, sizes and prices. If there is a particular question that is not covered on our web site please contact us

Q - How will my conservatory arrive?
A - The conservatory will arrive in flat pack format, all parts are labelled and clearly identified and quality controlled before leaving the factory

Q - How much is delivery for a conservatory in the UK?
A - Conservatories are delivered free of charge to anywhere in the UK Mainland. Please add 375 for delivery to Northern Island, Isle of Wight, Isle of Man and the Scottish Islands. Please add 600 for delivery to the Channel Islands. For delivery costs to the USA and other offshore islands, please enquire.

Q - What is the delivery time on conservatories?
A - Delivery Time approx 4 weeks

Q - What is a dwarf wall?
A - A dwarf wall is a small brick wall which the conservatory frame sits on and is 525mm high starting at the damp course level or you can have a full height model, sometimes referred to a glass to ground which sits directly on top of the damp course

Q - Is there a guarantee with the conservatories?
A - Yes, all conservatories come with a 10 year manufacturers guarantee.

Q - Do you offer any kind of installation support?
A - You will receive a comprehensive installation manual and telephone support during installation.

Q - How can I contact you?
A - Here are our contact details:

Tel: 01325 310520,

Address: Protech Direct, Bermingham House, Blue Bridge Centre, Horndale Avenue, Newton Aycliffe, County Durham, DL5 6DS

Q - What are your opening times?
A - We are open 9am - 5pm mon-thur and fri 9am - 4pm

Q - Will I need planning permission?
A - Planning permission information click here

Q - Do you install the conservatory?
A - We don't install conservatories, however they are easy enough to install yourself as a manual is provided. Or you could find a local builder to do this for you.


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