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All conservatories incorporate two opening vents as standard
2° pitched roof
25mm Opal polycarbonate roofing
FREE upgrade to french doors on models: 3L4 and 3L5, only single door available with model 3L3
24mm sealed double glazed units to BS5713
Squareline gutter profile
Toughened safety glass to BS6206A
Five point locking system to doors
Dwarf wall or full height models available


 Full Easyframe Conservatories Specification

Not included in Easyframe conservatory kits:-
  • butyle or lead flashing
  • silicone sealant
  • interior window boards
  • sill fixings
  • base or dwarf wall building materials
Included in Easyframe conservatories kits:-
  • all parts clearly labeled for easy identification
  • packed against damage during delivery
  • full parts list for identification
  • guide to building your base and dwarf wall
  • comprehensive installation manual
  • telephone support during installation (office hours only) ...in the event of a problem that cannot be resolved via the telephone and digital images or sketchs a trained engineer will visit the site, if there is a product fault it will be rectified by Easyframe Conservatories, if it is an installation fault there will be a site visit charge of £95.00 plus vat = £111.62,, this service is only available UK mainland
  • receipt and invoice posted within 5 days of order
  • floor plans and manual posted within 7 days or available online
  • for your convenience we deliver the conservatory kit complete in one visit to site
  • all conservatories photographed prior to dispatch from the warehouse
  • free delivery to Uk mainland for delivery to Northern Ireland and Southern Ireland please enquire
  • for off shore British Isles and othere countries please enquire, (conservatories have been shipped to and are in service in Japan, Germany, Portugal, USA, Faulklands, Isle of White, Outer Hebrides)
  • reliable drivers and efficient transport system
  • Europes largest conservatory manufacturer
  • manufacturers no quibble 10 year warranty
  • Unique construction method means two people could build the conservatory in a day
  • life expectency of at least 25 years
    in the events of damaged caused during or after installation a comprehensive spare parts service is offered, parts can be dispatched within 24 hours subject to credit card payment
  • the whole conservatory designed, manufactured and British Standard tested by one company,
    for example wind and snowloadings apply to the whole conservatory and not just the roof as is the case in other conservatories, not a roof by one company with frames and doors by another
  • specifically designed for do it yourself installation

general conservatory specification

  • fully weather proofed
  • engineered to cope with all the extremes of weather that northern europe can throw at it
  • wind and snow loadings calculated for strength and stability
  • fully draught proofed
  • fully water proofed
  • 100% virgin pvcu profile manufactured in the UK
  • reinforced with aluminium
  • external brickwork sizes given online

conservatory roof specification

  • aluminium roof bars for strength and stability
  • clad with high grade 100% virgin pvcu inside and out for thermal insulation and low maintenance
  • low sight line gaskets
  • all parts are pre drilled and cut to size for ease of installation
  • ridge crest and decorative finial included (Edwardian and Victorian conservatories only)
  • 22.5 degree pitch on E1-3, V1-3, P1-3 models, 25 degree pitch on other victorian and edwardian modelsaids in "self cleaning" the roof
  • 4 degree on 3L3 - 3L5 models 2.5 degree low pitch on the other lean to conservatories ideal for bungalows,2303mm (7foot 7") ridge height
  • all necessay bolts, screws and fixings

Multiwall Polycarbonate specification

  • 25mm multiwall opal polycarbonate on all conservatories giving a U value of 1.3m2 and a weight of 3.8kg/m2
  • high insulation values, high impact resistance
  • self extinguishing, flammability to BS476/7 Class 1
  • considerabley reduces glare and heat build up but offering good light transmission
  • 200 times stronger than glass of the same thickness
  • anti-condensation coating
  • fully UV stabalised
  • will not yellow, degrade or crack
  • cut to size and shape to save you time during installation on site
  • blown, micropourouse taped in order to stop dust, spours, spiders and mould from entering the cavities and allowing the sheets to breathe
  • aluminium u capping to protect the exposed edges of the polycarbonate sheets
  • high grade 100% virgin pvcu square line guttering,brackets, down pipes and connectors included

conservatory side frames/walls specification

double glazing specification

  • hermetically sealed insulating glass units as standard on all models
  • 2x4mm toughened safety glass with a 16mm cavity - 24mm overall
  • toughened safety glass to BS 6206 class A and clearly marked on all glass panels
  • insulating glass units comply to BS 5713
  • U value of 2.65w/m2 ensuring a high insulation value

glazing method specification

  • fully drained and ventilated glazing system throughout
  • all insulating glass units held in place with hi-adhesive security glazing tape to BS
  • impossible to de-glaze from outide
  • glazing bead locked into outer frames for additional security and peace of mind
  • attractive sculptured scotia glazing bead to windows and doors
  • factory glazed as standard, no need to remove glass for erecting the conservatory further reducing time on site
  • low sight line gasket throughout,

French door specification

  • french doors as standard on all models
    (single door on LT1 -and- LT4 lean to conservatory only)
  • all welded construction to doors and outer frame
  • fully reinforced for additional security and stability
  • both doors open out to leave as much usable space in your conservatory as possible
  • restrictors available at £15.00 per door
  • doors can be positioned as follows

    Edwardian conservatories -
    ...anywhere within the conservatory but not directly onto a corner

    Victorian conservatories -
    ...anywhere to suit you're requirements.

    Lean to -
    ...anywhere within the conservatory but not directly onto a corner

  • if positioning the french doors directly against your house wall you need a wall mullion kit at an additional cost of £38.00, this applies only to dwarf wall models
  • 5 point multi-locking system approved by the Association Of British Insurers
  • full length strike plate to slave door
  • finger bolts to slave door
  • locks pre-fitted in the factory
  • handles easily fitted on site
  • fully adjustable flag hinges
  • full weather, water and draught proof dual seal gaskets to both doors and outer frames
  • white low maintenace hardware

windows/side wall frame specification

  • all welded construction on windows and top light openers
  • multi chamber 100% virgin pvcu extruded in the UK
  • reinforced with aluminium for strength
  • aluminium exterior cills for strength
  • aluminium corner posts for strength
  • aluminium ring beam (joins roof to frames) for strength and stability

top opening casement windows specification

  • two opening top lights as standard
  • more available @ £150.00 per pair
  • espagnolette multi point locking with locking handles and push to release feature
  • lockable night vent facility on all opening windows for trickle ventilation
  • full weather, water and draught proof dual seal gaskets to sashes and outer frames
  • adjustable stainless steel casement stays
  • white low maintenace hardware

maintenance and periodic cleaning

all components are designed for long life and trouble free preformance with minimal maintenance, we recommend that all pvcu, polycarbonate and aluminium parts are cleaned with hot soapy water only,

the surface of all toughened safety glass is much softer than float (ordinary window) glass and care should be taken NOT to scrape the surface when removing labels or cleaning, this information MUST be passed to the installer,

during manufacture pvcu extrusions and polycarbonate roofing have protective tapes and films applied, these MUST be removed immediately after installation and not left for extended periods in the sun during storage, failure to remove these tapes will cause damage to your conservatory,

all locks and moving parts should be cleaned and lubricated with a light oil periodically, guttering should be cleaned and leaves/debris removed on a regular basis, your installation manual and parts list should be keep for furture reference,

in the event of damage to your conservatory you will need the part numbers in order to obtain replacement parts, spare parts will be available for at least ten years under the Easyframe customer care policy

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