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This makes up to give two panes which may be of equal or unequal size to match your existing window layout. The basic Easy Fit two-pane system may be extended to three or more panes by using one Multi-Pane kit for each additional pane.

The panes slide smoothly in tracks which are fitted to the window recess.

There should be a flat area of at least 42mm (1" and eleven sixteenths) all round to accept the tracks.

The Easy Fit system is suitable for windows up to 8 feet wide by 6 feet high, but no single pane should exceed the following sizes for 4mm acrylic and polycarbonate.

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Easy Fit upvc horizontal sliding system (scroll down for prices and ordering information)

Selecting your Easy Fit kits

  • Measure the height and width of your window recess.
  • For 2 sliding panes choose 1 height kit and 1 width kit to the nearest longer side.
  • For 3 or more sliding panes select 1 multi-pane kit for each additional pane.
  • The kits contain accessories and step by step instructions.
  • Select your glazing material after you have installed the outer tracks and taken precise measurements from them. Each single frame should not exceed 20sq.ft.
Product Description (kit prices include vat) Price Less 50%
Height Kits:
upvc horizontal height kit 610mm or 2' 66.00 33.00
upvc horizontal height kit 915mm or 3' 88.00 44.00
upvc horizontal height kit 1200mm or 4' 110.00 55.00
upvc horizontal height kit 1524mm or 5' 134.00 67.00
upvc horizontal height kit 1829mm or 6' 154.00 77.00

Width Kits:
upvc horizontal width  kit 915mm or 3' 88.00 44.00
upvc horizontal width kit 1220mm or 4' 110.00 55.00
upvc horizontal width kit 1524mm or 5' 130.00 65.00
upvc horizontal width kit 1829mm or 6' 148.00 74.00
upvc horizontal width kit 2134mm or 7' 164.00 82.00
upvc horizontal width kit 2438mm or 8' 188.00 94.00

upvc horizontal multipane kit 1829mm or 6' 64.00 32.00
Plastic Sheeting for Glazing:
Acrylic Plastic Sheeting
Metric Sizes Imperial Sizes


Less 50%
3050 x 2030mm 120" x 80"


2050 x 1500mm 80" x 59"


Polycarbonate Plastic Sheets
Metric Sizes Imperial Sizes


Less 50%
2000 x 1000mm 79" x 39"


2500 x 1250mm 98" x 49"


For Plastic Sheeting ONLY - 20 Delivery Charge for orders over 100 (UK Mainland), please enquire for offshore and highlands

Delivery approx 7 - 14 days depending on where you are located

All orders under 100 there is a delivery charge of 25 (UK Mainland)

Prices are plus VAT on plastic sheeting

Features to look for: Easy Fit upvc horizontal sliding system

1. Recess fixing allows the air gap to be varied for heat or sound insulation
2. Strong upvc sections, pre-drilled for easy fixing
3. Concealed cuts for neat finish
4. Maintenance-free white upvc
5. Effective white seals all round
6. Panels interlock for extra strength
  • Our Easy Fit Do It Yourself Secondary Glazing System is designed for ease of installation. 

  • The Easy Fit kits come with simple step-by-step instructions to help you install correctly

  • Maintenance free, the surface is easily wiped and will not crack, peel or yellow

Ordering Information:

  • Delivery is 10 - 14 days (UK mainland)
  • You can order by fax, email or letter, (see below for our contact details)
  • We accept secure credit card payments over the telephone: 01325 310520. We accept the following credit cards: visa, switch and mastercard. Or post us a cheque made payable to Protech Direct

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