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Here at Protech Glass we have been selling first quality Pilkington glass since 1978 at wholesale rates. Many of our prices are at least half that of other glass companies, and a full two thirds off the prices of non glass outlets such as DIY stores, joinery outlets and builders merchants. As this is costing you money on your phone bill an explanation of how we keep our glass and double glazing prices so low is below the menu to our price lists, once you have compared our prices you will be sceptical and will want to know how we are so cheap yet still sell quality products.

single window glass here safety glass here double glazing units here
The simple answer is that we are efficient. All of our glass is optimised by computer for the minimum wastage and maximum sheet yield, in other words we throw less glass in the bins. Without optimisation typical wastage figures are 20 to 30%, we regularly see wastage figures of 5% and sometimes as low as 1%, an enormous saving which we pass on to our customers.

Most glass is cut on our automatic glass cutting table, thereby reducing labour costs, as seen on Sky Television Business Report.

As a rule we do not give credit accounts, the result being that we have no bad debts and do not have to include a bad dept provision into our costing, however we will give credit accounts to local authorities, public utilities and blue chip companies as we are guaranteed prompt payment.

We buy our glass in bulk and pay our suppliers on time, meaning that we can negotiate the very best prices for our stock glass and other raw materials and have been doing so for over 20 years.

We carry out most of our glass processing (i.e. drilling and edgework) in house on modern machinery, unlike a lot of glass outlets who buy in and add their profit. You are dealing direct and not through a middle man.

Since 1978 we have been manufacturing TECHSEAL hermetically sealed insulating glass units (double glazing units), again you are dealing direct with the manufacturer and not through a third party.

We are happy to do business with anyone, house holders, DIY, handy men, large and small builders, local authorities and public utilities, in fact anyone who uses glass and double glazing. There are no minimum quantities, no matter how small an order we want your custom.

Until now we have only had one price list, our best price list, not trade or retail, simply our best prices every time, no special offers, no sales, just our keenest price, every time. But the internet and the world wide web has changed all of that. We can now offer our keenest prices ever and the cheapest glass prices you will see over the internet and in the UK.

To promote our company we have had to spend a lot of money advertising our glass and double glazing products in local newspapers and directories such as Yellow Pages and Thompson Local. But then along came the net and we immediately seen the economics of promoting our products to a wider customer base. We are that keen to keep our costing to a minimum that we even launched our own web hosting company and handle all web design work in house.

On our price lists you will see our standard highly competitive rates, but you will also see our net rates which offer even greater savings. To take advantage of these rates you will need to place your order via e-mail, fax or in the post (snail mail).

We will require full contact details (name, address, land based phone number etc) so that we may verify that the order is genuine, confirm the price of your order and clarify any missing information that we need to complete your order.

For you convenience our price list menu is below.

single window glass here safety glass here double glazing units here

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